More than a decade ago, Rudolph Libbe Group began its first project at the ArcelorMittal plant completing the installation of a hot dip galvanizing line. Since then, we have performed ongoing maintenance and numerous upgrades to this critical line, which coats and hardens the steel coils to prevent corrosion. The facility is part of the former LTV and Republic Steel plants and produces hot-rolled, cold-rolled and galvanized sheet. Production lines have to keep up with product demand which involves constant modification to the thickness, weight or strength of the materials.

A shared commitment to efficient production

As ArcelorMittal’s engineers receive customer feedback, equipment must be modified, replaced or tested. They rely on us to manage construction issues and determine whether new equipment needs to be purchased.

Ongoing teamwork with ArcelorMittal’s engineering and maintenance staff has helped to make the plant’s process the lowest cost per ton of any of the company’s steel mills. It stands out as one of the most productive plants in the company, as well as the entire steel industry.

The Rudolph Libbe Group did a fine job on the hot strip mill — R6 mill stand leveling project. A great deal of work was accomplished safely in a relatively small work area. The coordination within the group’s multiple disciplines was superb. Our project’s success hinged on the ability of the different companies to work together to complete their tasks in a timely fashion. The fact that these contractors were under one umbrella, the Rudolph Libbe Group, allowed for seamless coordination and nonexistent extra costs. ArcelorMittal is looking forward to working with the group in the future!

Dan Hardman, Senior Planner

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