We’re all about safety at the Rudolph Libbe Group. Two GEM Inc. electricians, Jennifer Heinze and Jamie Repass, knew what to do when they smelled smoke at a customer location. They immediately stopped work on their data project and began investigating. They found a fire just starting in a malfunctioning electrical panel. They notified the customer, began evacuating employees and had power shut down throughout the building in 15 minutes.

Because of their quick action, the fire was contained in that panel – with no building damage and no loss of production. GEM is performing an infrared scan of the entire building and investigating the cause for the customer.

Our customer was so pleased that they threw a small surprise party to recognize Jennifer and Jamie.

“Our partnership has proved itself time and again, with you being on site and knowing our building better than anyone else,” our customer’s property manager told Heinze and Repass. “You guys did a great job.”