June 18, 2018

Design/Bid/Build TrapPotential Drawbacks of Traditional Construction Methods for Industrial Process Manufacturers

The Design-Bid-Build (D/B/B) or “spec-build” process—while used in many types of construction—has potential pitfalls when applied to construction for industrial process applications, such as food, chemical, and petroleum process manufacturing.

There is nothing cookie-cutter about these projects, since the outcome must take into account the customer’s unique industrial process requirements. A major shortcoming of applying the traditional D/B/B construction method to process manufacturing is that the actual process requirements are often overlooked.

Simply building a structure around a process without carefully considering the customer’s workflow, plant and equipment layout, operation and maintenance needs, future expansion plans and other critical aspects of the customer’s process can result in significant problems for the owner.

Download the Design/Bid/Build Trap for an overview of the potential problems of applying the design/bid/build approach to a process manufacturing construction project.

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