October 04, 2018

Steps to Optimizing Chillers for Efficiency/Effectiveness

Keys to Optimizing Your ChillersIf chillers are imperative to your facility’s overall function, you know that they come at a significant energy cost. According to a recent industry fact sheet, a chiller plant can represent more than 50% of a facility’s electrical energy use during peak seasons. Add to that the energy waste from inefficient or poorly maintained equipment, and your chiller may use up to 30% more energy than it should, costing facility owners’ significant expense. There are steps you can take to ensure chillers are optimized for efficiency/effectiveness.

In many facilities, the importance of chillers running at peak performance is critical to care, comfort and manufacturing processes and production.

Due to their extensive use, maintenance on chiller plants can be a significant budgetary concern as well. As chiller systems age, the question of whether to repair or replace these crucial systems looms larger and larger, with both options presenting significant financial commitments.

On any of these fronts, even a small improvement in the efficiency of a chiller system could have a significant impact on the amount a company spends. A more efficient plant uses less energy and requires less maintenance, saving facility owners both time and money.

How to find additional chiller efficiencies is outlined in Keys to Optimizing Your Chillers, a new guide from GEM Energy’s HVAC team.

This helpful Q&A will share several key lessons on optimizing your chiller system, including:

  • When and how to optimize your chillers
  • Specific steps to include in your chiller maintenance

GEM Energy’s HVAC professionals are prepared to help you boost the performance of your chillers by applying years of expertise and the latest technical advances. Download Keys to Optimizing Your Chillers, then contact a GEM Energy specialist who can help you get started on saving tens of thousands of dollars in your utility budget every year.

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