September 20, 2021

Have you wondered if some of your facility’s important mechanical systems are on the brink of failing?

Many businesses don’t know the current condition and projected service life of major building infrastructure systems such as HVAC units, boilers, chillers, lighting and building controls. These systems have limited service lifetimes and high replacement costs. And as they age, their service costs get even more expensive.

If plans are not in place for preventive maintenance and capital budgeting to maintain or replace these systems, they can break down unexpectedly, and replacement costs can significantly impact the financial performance of your business.

That’s why GEM Service has introduced The Facility Risk & Expense Evaluation, our newest service for facility professionals.

The Facility Risk & Expense Evaluation includes a careful evaluation of your facility’s major building systems to detail the risk in these systems, their remaining service life, replacement costs, and the service and capital budgeting plans required to replace these systems. This assessment covers the following major infrastructure areas of your building:

  • HVAC: On-site inspection of rooftop HVAC units, chillers, domestic boilers and other system components;
  • LIGHTING: On-site assessment of your lighting conditions, maintenance requirements, and energy consumption;
  • ELECTRICITY, GAS AND WATER USE: Detailed examination and analysis of your building’s total energy use and utility costs, and identification of available cost savings.
  • BUILDING AUTOMATION AND CONTROL SYSTEMS: On-site inspection of control systems and identification programs to make comfort improvements and increase cost savings.

Download the details here.

Benefits of the Facility Risk & Expense Evaluation

In 2019, a local corporation spent $12,000 on a part for HVAC equipment that really should have been replaced. One year later, the company had no choice but to replace the equipment, making the original $12,000 repair a waste of money!

The goal of the Facility Risk & Expense Evaluation is to help others avoid this kind of problem by providing insight into the condition and lifespan of building infrastructure systems, and to help facility professionals gain control over high repair costs from HVAC, lighting, building controls, and other critical systems.

Once your Facility Risk & Expense Evaluation has been completed, you’ll receive a detailed roadmap, providing you with a complete view of the expense risks in your building’s infrastructure.

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