June 13, 2019

When critical facility staff members take a well-deserved vacation, those who remain on the job can sometimes suffer from their absence. Not only vacations, but medical leave, retirement or even downsizing can leave your facilities staff more lean than you’d like, creating challenges for your building.

Regardless of the reason you’re short on staff, the FM360 Program offers a simple and affordable solution.

  • FM360 can provide temporary or permanent staff to supplement your existing facilities staff when you need an extra hand.
  • FM360 can also provide comprehensive facility management and construction services, if needed.

Because FM360 is a service offered by the Rudolph Libbe Group (a full-service team of companies providing customized facility solutions), the staff assigned to you will come with specific industry expertise and experience you can trust.

As an FM360 customer, you’ll have one-call, round-the-clock access to our large network of expert maintenance, service and construction professionals.


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