August 16, 2017

No matter what you need, one phone call (or one text) takes care of it.

FM360 was created to make life easier for building owners and facility maintenance staff. That’s because, as an FM360 customer, you have one-call, round-the-clock access to our large network of expert maintenance, service and repair professionals.

No matter when it is, FM360 provides total facility management every day of the year, for all types of facility needs. Whether you need to supplement your current team, or if you’re ready for a comprehensive facilities management package, FM360 has options to meet your needs:

  • Total—One-call access to a dedicated FM360 Property Manager for all building service needs and total facilities management, maintenance and service coverage.
  • Supplemental—For facilities with an in-house team but need to supplement for special jobs, vacation coverage or emergency help, FM360 can provide facility professionals immediately or as-needed.
  • Maintenance-Only—Regular inspections and preventive maintenance for targeted major systems, such as HVAC service, roof, pavement, plumbing, lighting and electrical, and other regular inspections and maintenance.
  • On-Call—For basic, on-call service and maintenance, FM360 is available to help handle any basic or emergency need.

For many FM360 customers, having a relationship with a full-service facility management company means having a single dedicated property manager to address any building service or construction need.

The customer who sent this text to his FM360 account manager knew he could count on the FM360 team to be there when he lost power. In fact, the FM360 team arrived before the power company did!

Being an FM360 customer means sending one text or making one phone call to get access to exactly the right resources when you need them, including:

  • Emergency services
  • Building maintenance, minor repairs, and construction services
  • On-site temporary staff to fill in during vacations or other staff shortages
  • On-site presence by a dedicated FM360 property manager
  • Expert inspection of interior and exterior building areas and systems
  • Bulk-rate pricing for all building maintenance supplies
  • Tuning and management of HVAC temperature control systems
  • One-call, 24/7 services for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and building repair
  • Annual or capital budgeting for equipment or construction project

For more information about FM360:

Schedule Facility Assessment 866.720.2700

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