March 02, 2021

Crisis Averted: Why Being an FM360 Customer Matters . . .

At the Total Sports facility in Rossford, heavy snow was building up around the sports dome, causing damage to the emergency exit door and completely blocking another door.

Tracy Pappas is the Total Sports Facility Manager and a customer of RLG’s Facility Management services. Tracy knew she couldn’t wait any longer for the snow removal company who normally clears all the local parking lots. They weren’t coming.

She placed an emergency call to her FM360 account manager, and told him the situation. Tracy picks up the story from there:

“When I called, he was on it immediately and within the hour had a solution. He’s always there when we need him! Within 2 hours, thanks to the comprehensive resources of RLG, a crew with a front-end loader was onsite to remove the snow.”

The emergency services the Rudolph Libbe Group has provided to us have been invaluable. I’ve worked with other companies in the past and NO ONE comes close to their response time. When there is an emergency, 100% of the time I know I can count on them to respond, quickly and effectively. I am very grateful to have that peace of mind.

FM360 Customer Crisis AvertedAs Tracy’s story demonstrates, when you’re an FM360 customer, not only do you have a single point of contact for all your facility needs, you also have the extensive resources of the entire Rudolph Libbe Group at your service… and you never know when the weather or other unforeseen circumstances may warrant an emergency call.

Being an FM360 customer means sending one text or making one phone call to get access to exactly the right resources, right when you need them, including:

  • Emergency services;
  • Building maintenance, minor repairs, and construction services;
  • On-site temporary staff to fill in during vacations or other staff shortages;
  • On-site presence by a dedicated FM360 property manager;
  • Expert inspection of interior and exterior building areas and systems;
  • Bulk-rate pricing for building maintenance supplies;
  • Tuning and management of HVAC temperature control systems;
  • One-call, 24/7 services for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and building repair;
  • Annual or capital budgeting assistance for equipment or construction project.

FM360 was created to make life easier for building owners and facility maintenance staff. That’s because, as an FM360 customer, you have one-call, round-the-clock access to our large network of expert maintenance, service and repair professionals.

Whether you need to supplement your current team, or if you’re ready for a comprehensive facilities management package, FM360 has options to meet your needs:

  • TOTAL: One-call access to a dedicated FM360 Property Manager for all building service needs and total facilities management, construction services and maintenance.
  • SUPPLEMENTAL: For facilities with an in-house team but need to supplement for special jobs, vacation coverage or emergency help, FM360 can provide facility professionals immediately or as-needed.
  • MAINTENANCE-ONLY: Regular inspections and preventive maintenance for targeted major systems, such as HVAC service, roof, pavement, plumbing, lighting and electrical, and other regular inspections and maintenance.
  • ON-CALL: For basic, on-call service and maintenance, FM360 is available to help handle any basic or emergency need.

The FM360 team is a local, trusted resource, ready 24/7 to be there when an emergency occurs. Our main goal is the same as yours: to keep your business up and running.

Ready to put these services in place for your facility?

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