April 15, 2019

Common Emergency Planning Gaps and How to Correct Them

Many companies and organizations have developed an emergency response plan to prepare if the worst should happen. However, some of those self-developed emergency plans have gaps that can negatively impact recovery timelines and costs.

Common Emergency Planning Gaps

The Guide to Common Emergency Planning Gaps and How to Correct Them outlines these 4 critical gaps, walks you through how to evaluate your plan, and provides practical steps for how to address weaknesses.

The costs associated with facility damage start when there’s a delay in recovery, which commonly happens when there is no response plan in place, or the existing plan is inadequate to meet the emergency.

Self-developed emergency plans can be a great starting point, but often overlook common failure points, the challenges of coordinating multiple vendors for repairs, and the cost of interrupting your business operation.

Emergency planning expertise has been a part of Rudolph Libbe Group’s FM360 offering since the beginning. The FM360 team can manage your company’s emergency planning, response, and recovery needs, including:

  • An initial, comprehensive on-site assessment, to evaluate your building’s layout, structure, mechanical systems, and utilities;
  • A customized emergency response plan, detailing action steps required to rebuild and restore operations in the event of an emergency at your facility;
  • A full range of emergency contracting services, with rates agreed upon in advance, to cover the entire scope of facility first response, remediation, and building repair services;
  • Guaranteed two-hour response to any emergency, to assess damage, determine structural building integrity, stabilize the site, and begin the recovery process.

Review the Common Emergency Planning Gaps and How to Correct Them Guide for details, and read the story of how the FM360 team addressed the unique emergency planning needs of the Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Clinics.

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