August 02, 2018

How to Eliminate Delays in Expansion Construction Projects

Lost Opportunity TrapNo process manufacturer has the luxury of downtime while a construction project is in progress. Delays can mean lost revenue, lost customers, or lost market opportunities. The Guided Process Solutions™ (GPS) system eliminates these issues at the critical early design stage?

Delays are a common occurrence with the typical design-bid-build (D/B/B) construction delivery process. Nearly every step of D/B/B presents another potential for a slowdown or postponement of your project, costing you valuable time and money.

Awareness of these potential delays is half the battle. Once you understand the delays inherent in traditional D/B/B construction, finding a productive alternative becomes that much easier.

Download the Lost Opportunity Trap for an in-depth look at the ways the D/B/B delivery method can be detrimental to your project, and learn about an alternative construction approach that eliminates these liabilities.

For more information about the most timely and cost-effective delivery method for your next process manufacturing construction project, contact Brandon Gartee at 419.720.2677 or

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