RLG has been selected as Starrco Company’s primary authorized dealer in Ohio and eastern Michigan for modular office building and wall systems.

Starrco systems are frequently used in distribution centers and manufacturing sites. The system’s engineered design allows two-story building construction with no need for a mezzanine and offers customers flexibility, tax advantages and limited interruption to their on-going facility activities.

When the systems are disassembled, 95 percent of the material can be reused and reconfigured.

Starrco uses gypsum board made of 95 percent post-consumer materials and paper facing that is 100 percent recycled material. Starrco modular office buildings are composed of aluminum frame work that is 70 percent reclaimed or scrap material.

With more customers interested in sustainability and flexibility, we’re proud that we can add Starrco Modular Building systems to the solutions we offer.

                                                                    MIKE THOMAS, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, RLG MICHIGAN OFFICE