Rudolph Libbe Group has been honored with a Starrco Partnership Silver Award, which recognizes dealers who have demonstrated a strong commitment to offering Starrco’s versatile modular systems to customers.

Starrco manufactures pre-engineered modular building solutions for offices, cleanrooms and equipment enclosures.

Steve Schmidt, Starrco national sales manager and Greg Lerdahl, Starrco territory manager, presented the award to Mike Thomas, business development manager of the Rudolph Libbe Group.

“Starrco is a great partner,” said Thomas. “We deal with many subcontractors and other companies on projects, and Starrco is among the best. You respond quickly to questions, you stand behind your product, and you are good partners to us.”

Thomas added, “Starrco enclosure construction has minimal impact on customer operations, and it’s clean compared to conventional construction. There is no dust from modular construction. Starrco enclosures can be completed in three to four days, compared to conventional construction which would require three to four weeks to build a similar structure. You save money when you move or reconfigure the enclosure because no demo is required and the materials are reusable.”


Pictured above (L-R): Brian Seeger, Josh High, Joel Curcio and Mike Thomas of RLG and Greg Lerdahl and Steve Schmidt of Starrco.