Rudolph Libbe Group Site Management associates from the Toledo and Lima offices are performing concrete and utility work in Ford’s 60-year-old transmission plant.

The 700,000-square-foot project is about 85 percent finished, with completion expected in early May.

Rudolph Libbe Inc. is performing concrete demo and removing and placing sub-base for about 700,000 square feet of existing slab.

GEM Inc. is performing underground piping and electrical grounding. Demolished concrete is being crushed for reuse onsite.  RLI and GEM are coordinating closely to ensure schedule milestones are met in numerous work areas.

The RLG crews are working in an operating facility where dust and vibration control must be continuously maintained.  The project has met with safety and reliability success due to the number of RLG resources, equipment and manpower, working in an operating facility, with zero safety incidents and no downtime.

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