Small construction and maintenance projects can be overwhelming and costly, especially for those operating large facilities or managing multiple sites. That’s why Rudolph Libbe Group’s site management team provides you with a full-time, scalable extension of your staff to manage these projects, allowing you to reduce costs and focus on the core of your business.

Our team is a flexible, on-site workforce with a 24/7/365 emergency response service to ensure safety and access to labor when needed. Once under contract, the bidding process is expedited — all projects are quoted and billed per contract terms at a one-fee level on all RLG trades.

Because accurate project reports and information are necessary throughout the process, our proprietary web-based project tracking system encourages transparency and auditability between teams by producing customized reports available at any time, improving workflow, reducing risk, and ensuring success.

And as a single-source supplier of small construction and maintenance work, we can deliver dramatic cost savings compared to a multiple-supplier approach, often up to 20 percent.


north star bluescope steel has been an rlg site MANAGEMENT customer for over 18 years.