The fact that you were able to turn out such a great product ahead of schedule is a tribute to those who worked on the project. I have no doubt that we will be able to provide lifesaving emergency medical care to the community thanks to the hard work and persistence of Rudolph Libbe.

Chris Goliver, MD, Medical Director
Mercy Medical Center, Perrysburg

Today’s hospitals and medical offices require large amounts of technology in limited space to provide a clean, safe, and healthy environment for patients, visitors, and staff. Care providers are also transitioning from a volume-based care model to a value-based care model, a model that requires design and construction to support patient outcomes and health management.

Rudolph Libbe Group knows what works — and what doesn’t. From medical equipment installations to building a brand new hospital to ensuring the lowest total cost of facility operation, we have extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

We take a modern approach to each healthcare construction project. That means we:

  • Support the owner’s core care functions and goals.
  • Create evidence-based designs.
  • Provide innovation, collaboration, and value engineering.
  • Support sustainability.

Our belief is that through smart building, our local and global communities can become healthier for all of us.