In 2008, Fifth Third Field – home of the Toledo Mud Hens –  signed up to have GEM Inc. manage and maintain its 250,000-square-foot ballpark. To this special customer, fans come first. It’s essential to fix and manage issues with minimal disruption to business.

The ballpark is exposed to everything from weather extremes to heavy public use at times and sometimes no use during off-season months. The GEM team helps Fifth Third Field maintain and plan for improvements for everything from facility equipment needs to the ballpark buildings themselves. Ongoing facility management and preventive HVAC maintenance has proven invaluable to the facility. To keep surprise facility issues and downtime to a minimum, GEM works closely with the ballpark’s operations team to analyze and fund projects bringing in small construction project services as needed. This has played a big part in keeping the stadium and all of its surrounding buildings in top-notch condition for fans and occupants

Since 2010, Fifth Third Field’s total annual operations and maintenance costs have decreased by 19 percent – including a 30 percent annual utility savings since 2009.

GEM has the knowledge of our equipment and systems, and the resources to be our best partner. We have a lot of confidence in GEM, and there is no issue we face that can’t be solved by them and in a timely manner. Their ongoing, and now long-term, knowledge of our facility has proven invaluable.

Joe Napoli, CEO and General Manager
Toledo Mud Hens

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