July 25, 2018

Solar Provider Questions

Nine Questions to Ask a Potential Solar Provider

Choosing the right partner to manage the funding, implementation and maintenance of your solar system is the biggest decision you’ll face when exploring solar power for your facility.

As you work through the decision process, you’ll have to address many important, in-depth questions, such as:

  • How does a solar array align with our overall facility plan?
  • How quickly will our solar system come on line?
  • Who owns the solar panels and how will they be installed?
  • What about funding? Ongoing maintenance?

Download Nine Questions to Ask a Solar Provider  for a succinct list of the critical questions you should ask any potential solar provider. This valuable list outlines some potential pitfalls you’ll want to avoid, and the answers you’ll need to get from whomever you select.

The list also demonstrates why it’s important to understand exactly how a solar provider manages a project and navigates the regulatory process, plus to ask to ensure you’re getting the best possible financial results from this investment.

Armed with this information, you’ll be prepared to make an informed and confident choice about which solar power provider is right for you and your organization.

Download Nine Questions to Ask a Solar Provider  to get the questions and answers you need to help guide this important decision. To learn how other companies have used solar power to gain significant energy savings with no or low upfront capital, read about their solar projects here.

To talk with a solar power solution expert, contact: 866.720.2700 or solar@gogemenergy.com.

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